Create approval workflows for your entire organization
Custom Approvals

Simplify Your Approvals

Custom approval workflows with centralized tracking
Custom Approvals
Ensure that purchase requests are properly reviewed before being approved
Automate Approvals
Use automations to speed up your approvals from start to finish
Assign Members
Setup up approvals based on user groups within your organization
"Drag and Drop" Editor
Easily configure advanced workflows using our flowchart editor
Key Decision Makers
Send your purchase requests, POs, and RFQs for final approval
Approval Templates
Create multiple approval templates and reuse them across your organization

Frequently asked questions

Team Procure approval workflows make it easy for you to manage and control purchase requests and purchase orders within your organization.
Can I create an approval process for a specific project?
Yes. You can create approval templates for multiple projects and department.
Can I send an email notification related to a request?
Absolutely! We allow you to create custom emails to notify when a request needs made and when it's approved.
How many steps can my approval process have?
You can include an unlimited number of steps in each workflow. Build whatever your organization needs!
Can I analyze my approval workflow?
Yes. You can track the progress of each approval within your organization and monitor the amount of time that has passed.