Plan your budgets and control your spending
Monitor Spending

Track Your Budgets

Allocate your spending with integrated budgeting
Analyze Budgets
Analyze budgets across your entire organization based on status and amount
Assign Budgets
Assign budgets to users, teams, and departments
Control Overspending
Lock spending when a budget is reached.
Track Usage
Track the amount of spend remaining in each budget
Define Currency
Define the currency type to use for each budget
Filter Budgets
Search all your budgets and filter based on the amount remaining

Frequently asked questions

Team Procure provides budgeting tools to help your organization manage spending across departments, projects, and users.
Can I assign a specific approval workflow to a budget?
Yes. You can assign a department or project to a specific approval workflow and include a budget check.
Can I assign a budget to several projects?
Absolutely. You can allocate a single budget to multiple projects, departments, or users.
Can I limit who sees the budget?
Yes. You can allow only specific users to see a budget or you can share it across your entire organization.
Can I edit a budget once it's been created?
Of course. Once the budget is created you can still increase or decrease the amount based on your needs.