Purchase Orders

Create professional purchase orders for your business
Centralize Your Purchasing

Streamline Your Purchase Orders

Manage and track all your purchase orders in a single system
Rapid Approvals
Easily approve purchase orders from any device
Track Deliveries & Waybills
Monitor the status of your shipments and waybills
3-Way Matching
Match your purchase orders to the supplier invoice and goods receipt
Create Budgets
Set and track budgets to monitor all your expenses
Create Projects
Organize and track your purchases with multiple projects
Integrate with QuickBooks
Integrate with your existing financial accounting system

Frequently asked questions

Team Procure allows you to create purchase orders that specify the exact products and service you need from your supplier network.
Can anyone in my organization create a purchase order?
Team Procure lets you decide who can make purchase orders in your organization.
Can I change a purchase order once it has been created?
For admin users, you can easily adjust your purchase orders by adding more products or additional information.
Can I assign a purchase order to a budget?
For sure! Each purchase order can be assigned to a budget or project so that you can track your spending.
Can I generate a printed version of my purchase order?
Yes. You can easily generate PDFs for internal and external usage that contain all the information you need.