Purchase Requests

Create purchase requests and approval workflows
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Purchase Requests Made Easy

Create purchase requests, manage approvals, and track spending across your entire organization.
Custom Approvals
Create custom approval workflows based on the needs of your company.
Instant Notifications
Instant email notifications keep you updated at each step of the request
Prioritize Requests
Prioritize purchase requests according to your needs and urgency
Upload Products
Save time and effort uploading products in bulk using Excel templates
Attach Files
Easily attach and share files related to any purchase request.
Internal Chat
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Frequently asked questions

Team Procure purchase requests allow individuals within your organization to request the purchase of goods and services from a supplier.
Can everybody in my organization create a Purchase Request?
Yes. Each user that has access to your company account can create a Purchase Request.
Can I have different approvers for different purchase amounts?
Absolutely! You can create different workflows for your approvals based on project, department and amount.
Can I assign someone to a Purchase Request?
For sure! You can assign a specific user/procurement officer to a specific request so they can start working on it.
Can I create Purchase Requests from a budget?
Yes! People in your organization can create purchase requests with one of the budgets available to them.