RFQ and E-Auction

Get the best price on goods and services you need
Compare Prices

Save Money with RFQs and E-Auctions

Invite multiple suppliers to bid and automatically compare the results
Invite Suppliers
Invite suppliers to bid on the products and services you need
Scheduled Tenders
Schedule your tenders and get notified when suppliers bid on them
Project Specifications
Send custom specification to your vendors based on your exact needs
Bid Evaluation
Compare bids from multiple vendors and automatically filter by the best price
Approval Workflow
Send RFQs to your approval workflows for final review
Click to Order
Convert your RFQ to a purchase order in just a few clicks

Frequently asked questions

Team Procure RFQ and E-Auction platform allows you to receive bids from multiple vendors for products and services you need.
How many vendors can I add to a single RFQ?
You can add as many vendors and you need.
Can I schedule my RFQ to run at a later date?
Yes. You can setup all the requirements for your RFQ and schedule it to run at a later date.
Can I mix and match items across multiple vendors?
Yes. Our pricing matrix allows you to easily select the items you need from multiple vendors.
Can I update an RFQ manually?
Yes. For example, you can manually enter the bid from a supplier from a phone call or other message.