Spend Analysis

Analyze and optimize spending across your entire organization
Improved Transparency

Analyze Your Spending

Make key decision for your organization based on spend analysis
Track Currencies
Analyze your currency distribution across purchase orders
Project Distribution
Analyze the ratio of your spending across multiple project
Historical Reports
Run historical spending reports to identify trends and amounts
Payment Methods
Generate payment method distribution reports
Vendor Distribution
Analyze your spending across all your vendors
User Reports
Keep track of individual spending with user-generated reports

Frequently asked questions

Team Procure includes built-in spend analytics to help you track and understand spending within your organization.
Can I analyze spending by vendor?
Yes. You can create a distribution of spending by vendor type.
Can I analyze spending by project or user?
Yes. You can generate a spending report for each project and each user.
Can I analyze spending by currency and payment terms?
Yes. Keep track of which currencies and which payment terms you used within your supplier network.
Can I export my reports?
Yes. You can export your reports to Excel and PDF formats.