Supplier Management

Organize your entire supplier network on a single platform
Organize and Track

Manage Your Suppliers

Keep track of key suppliers and products across your entire network
Supplier Portal
Establish a supplier portal to manage and interact with your vendors
Multiple Service Areas
Create custom service areas to organize your suppliers
Information Cards
Add information cards for each vendor to track critical data
Approved Vendors
Tag vendors you are allowed to work with and those you want blocked.
Supplier Evaluation
Rank your suppliers according to your most important criteria
Team Notes
Allow team members to leave feedback on each supplier

Frequently asked questions

Team Procure makes it easy to manage your entire supplier network and approved vendors.
How do vendors get notified about upcoming orders?
Vendors notified by email when you place a new purchase order.
Can I customize my service areas?
Absolutely! You can create multiple service areas and also add subareas to them.
How many Information Cards can I add to a vendor?
You can add as many Information Cards as you like to any vendor.
Can my team rank suppliers?
Yes. Each team member in your organization can rank suppliers based on their own feedback.