Warehouse Management

Keep track of your inventory across multiple locations and warehouses
Track Your Inventory

All Your Inventory in One Place

Monitor critical stock levels and create transfer requests between locations
Multiple Warehouses
Organize your inventory across multiple locations and warehouses
Stock Level Alerts
Set critical stock levels for each product and get email alerts
Transfer Requests
Create custom transfer request for moving items between warehouses
Inventory Tracking
Track the location of each item inside the warehouse using a barcode scanner
Waybill Management
Track waybills and control the delivery of products into your warehouse
Assign Users
Set warehouse access permissions based on your organizational roles

Frequently asked questions

Team Procure includes integrated warehouse and inventory management to keep track of your product stock levels and locations.
How many warehouses can I manage?
Team Procure supports multiple warehouse locations based on the needs of your organization.
Can I adjust critical stock levels for each product?
Yes. You can set multiple threshold levels for a product and receive an email alert when the quantity falls below that level.
Can I use a barcode scanner?
Yes. You can search for an item by simply scanning it with a supported barcode scanner.
Can I control access to my warehouse?
Yes. You have the ability to determine which members of your organization have access to the warehouse.