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Requester User License

For users that need to make and approve purchase requests.
$25 user / mo
For users that need access to create purchase requests and approvals.
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$35 user / mo
Includes requester teams, and ability to merge or split a request.
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Create Purchase Requests
Submit purchase requests and receive organizational approval
Merge Requests
Combine multiple requests into a single Purchase Order with just a few clicks
Split Request
To easily track the statuses and details, divide the purchase request
Approval Process
To keep track of your purchasing workflow, create approval templates
Requester Team
To avoid issues regarding permissions, establish a Team of Requesters

Procurement User License

For users that need full access to all procurement features.
$100user / mo
Everything you need to manage your POs and deliveries.
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$150user / mo
Support for multiple currencies, and full supplier management.
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$250user / mo
Includes advanced analytics and full API access.
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Create PO
Create a purchase order quickly, then send it to the vendor
Repeat PO
Repeat an already-processed purchase order only takes a few clicks
Schedule PO
Establish a timetable for a particular purchase order to avoid wasting time and stay on track
Delivery Calendar
Check upcoming deliveries in Delivery Calendar
Invoice Matching
Add bills to purchase orders, then check them as necessary
Add and Track Payment
Track payment status and add payment terms and methods
Multiple Currencies
Create purchase orders and choose from multiple currencies
Procurement Teams
Create procurement teams based on your organization
Multiple Product Catalogs
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Create numerous projects and keep tabs on overall progress
Supplier Management
Supplier Management
Utilize a variety of tools to manage your suppliers
Custom Supplier Activity Areas
Create unique activity areas for vendors with activity areas
Custom Supplier Status
To quickly verify Suppliers, create and add custom statuses
Supplier Scoring
Give your suppliers a grade based on various factors
Supplier Info/Score Cards
Add various cards with details such as tax IDs and other critical  information
Budgeting and Spend Analytics
Budget Management
Establish budgets to prevent overspending
Spend Analysis
Analyze your spending data across your entire organization
Advanced Analytics
Generate reports by department and project
QuickBooks Integration
Integrate with your Quickbooks account and sync your accounting
Open API/Custom Integration
Synchronize with your existing software platforms

Warehouse User License

For users that need to manage warehouse and delivery.
$100 user / mo
Basic warehouse management features.
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$150 user / mo
Support for multiple warehouses and teams.
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$250 user / mo
Most advanced warehouse needs for larger organizations.
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Multiple Warehouses
Support for managing multiple warehouse locations
Product Search
Use the search feature to instantly find a requested item
Warehouse Teams
Assemble specialized warehouse teams
Upcoming Waybills
Monitor upcoming waybills and accept delivery of goods
Delivery Calendar
Monitor your deliveries in a single online calendar
Transfer Requests
Move items between warehouses while monitoring all transactional information
Pick Requests
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Barcode Scanning
Use a bar scanner to look up products
Critical Stock Levels
Set stock levels to monitor warehouse inventory and get notifications when items are low
Row/Isle Tracking
Add row and aisle information for each product in your warehouse