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Synchronize Your Procurement With QuickBooks
Improved Efficiency

Integration with QuickBooks

Link your orders, products, accounts, bills, and payments to QuickBooks.
With QuickBooks integration, you can link all your company orders, invoices, payments, products, vendors, and accounts. You'll get increased productivity through reduced data entry and have access to accurate reports with better accounting controls.

Automatic two-way synchronization means changes made in one platform always get updated in the other.

Quick Setup

Linking you accounts is easy. Simply login to your QuickBooks account, click the connection button, and then choose the items from Team Procure you would like to sync.
Key Features

QuickBooks Sync Features

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Purchase Order Sync
Orders created in Team Procure are synced with QuickBooks, and vice-versa.
Vendor and Product Sync
Share vendor and product information between systems, including Product Type and ID.
Bills Sync
Send bills to QuickBooks and track the items associated with your bills, including products and due dates.
Payment Sync
Payments made in QuickBooks are automatically linked to the associated PO and invoice in Team Procure.

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